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Bologna Training Center (BTC)


In 2012, the Simone Veil Centre established the Bologna Training Center (BTC), at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The BTC was established as a direct and important result of TEMPUS-CORINTHIAM Project, which aimed to implement internationalization reforms in the Israeli higher education system. One of the major realizations of the TEMPUS-CORINTHIAM Project was the indication of a wide gap, in Israeli higher education institutions' understanding of internationalization and the Bologna Process specifically. This is the gap the BTC wishes to fill.


Since then, the BTC has worked to become a national center, disseminating knowledge, triggering an informed discussion, and exposing the Israeli higher education system to the Bologna Process and the modern trends that are constantly shaping the global and local higher education scenery. BTC activities are aimed at stimulating discourse concerning the strategy of the Israeli higher education vis a vis internationalization and modernization of higher education. Its activities includes the organization of international conferences, workshops and seminars on various subjects related to the Bologna Process and the internationalization of higher education; The publication of relevant materials on the implementation of aspects of the Bologna Process in Israel; and the development of joint projects between Israeli and European higher education institutions. 


Another aspect of the Bologna Training Center's activity is the cooperation with the Center for Excellence in Teaching at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in providing workshops to Univerity`s new faculty members.The BTC also provides assistance to the University departments undergoing the quality evaluation and assessment process of the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

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