Cultural Diplomacy Forum

The Cultural Diplomacy Forum (CDF) was established with the purpose of creating a space for research and discussion on different aspects of Cultural Diplomacy. The Forum aims to act as a bridge between the academic and the policy-making spheres, as well as the public and private sectors, in the cultural diplomacy arena. 

Among its aims, the CDF endeavours to develop a sustainable model for the study, characterisation and practical advancement of cultural diplomacy setting the ground for researchers and providing tools for diplomats, businesses, NGOs, educational institutions, local authorities and cultural sectors to act in the international arena, and the EU specifically, towards cultural diplomacy goals.

The CDF's launching event will take place June 18-19 during the - "Cultural Diplomacy and Eurovision 2019: between Diversity, Culture and Diplomacy", conference (Tel-Aviv and Beer-Sheva).

The conference will shed light on cultural diplomacy from a variety of perspectives and will launch a discussion on its definition and scope of activities. First and foremost, to explore the potential for culture, art, music and other cultural means to provide consistent (cultural diplomacy) tools for fostering mutual understanding and building trust among a foreign public. 


The event will highlight the diversity of cultural diplomacy, its various means of communication, tools, actors and uses in today’s international sphere. The Eurovision, held this year in Tel Aviv, will serve as a unique case study and a frame of reference for the conference themes. 

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