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Adenauer Division Activities 

Student Internships 

As part of its scope of activities, the Adenauer Division for the Study of European Politics and Society runs an internship programme for its students. The programme aims to provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Europe and to gain practical experience in various Europe-related offices/organizations in Israel. The program is designed for second and third-year B.A. students of the Adenauer Division. 

Over the years, Adenauer Division students have conducted internships in a variety of organisations including: the British Council and the European Desk of BGU's Research and Development Authority. 


Study Tours to Europe

Students of the Adenauer Division for the Study of European Politics and Society have the opportunity to join various study tours to deepen their understanding of Europe from political, socio-cultural and historical perspectives. Recent tours have included: Brussels, Berlin and Athens. 

For a summary of past tours click here

European Traces in Israel- Study Tours 

European Traces in Israel is a serie of outdoor tours aimed at providing our students the opportunity of encountering the European old and contemporary history that has left it's remarks on our landscape. The observation of these remarks on the Israeli landscape helps us understand better the Zeitgeist of different periods of the European history and conduct, and helps us understand better the European connection to our area.   

For a summary of past tours click here 

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