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Diplomatic Club

CSEPS' Diplomatic Club is a multifaceted program which gives our students the opportunity of taking a closer and deeper look into the world of diplomacy and foreign relations, during their studies. The program exposes the students to the diplomatic world and conduct in various ways, from lectures and 'one on one' meetings with foreign ambassadors, to whole day tours to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the EU Delegation to Israel. 

'Overseas on Ground' Tours

A fascinating tour series which gives the students of the Adenauer Division the opportunity of getting to know the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the EU Delegation to Israel from the inside - meeting major decision makers and being introduced to the work being conducted in these offices. 

Ambassadors Forum

CSEPS, in association with the Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy, provides unique series of events which hosts a number of foreign ambassadors every year and exposes our students to the importance of deplomacy in mediation and conflict resolution. The Ambassadors Forum offers a direct rendez-vous, between students and  diplomats, and promotes a fertile discussion about diplomatic relations in general, as well as Israel's diplomatic relations with other countries, in particular. 

Ambassadors in 'Slippers'

Ambassadors in Slippers is a unique program during which the students of the Adenauer Division and the rest of BGU students get the change of being hosted by foreign ambassadors during their mandate in the Israel office of their country. This platform provides the opportunity for 'One (group) on One' intimate meetings with ambassadors that can elaborate about the hot topics in Israeli European relations as well as personal issues concerning the life of a Diplomat. 

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