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Doctorate Dissertation Projects' Archive

The European Higher Education Area and Normative Power Europe 
Yoav Friedman

This research investigates the EU's ability to exert its normative power on regions beyond its borders. The research shows that by applying elements of European Regionalism, the EU managed to turn the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) to a Regional-International Higher Education Regime by using the Bologna Process. The research is built out of two phases: The first phase of the study asks to define the Bologna Process, the political tool which was established for the creation of the EHEA, as a Regional-International Higher Education Regime. The second phase examines the Normative Power Europe theory by tracing the implementation of the Bologna Process in countries which are not members at the Bologna Process (Australia, Canada and Israel), asking to examine the EU ability to affect foreign countries' policies without the use of coercive means.

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