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The TEMPUS-ESPRIT project is an innovative international project which seeks to map, analyze and strengthen the social involvement and responsibility of the Israeli academia. The project, coordinated by the BTC, includes the participation of Israeli and European higher education institutions, as well as the Israeli and the European Students' Unions. The project's main goal is to develop the social characteristics and public responsibility of Israeli higher education.


In the course of the project, a mapping of the interfaces between the social and the academic activities of higher education institutions in Israel will be conducted. According to the findings, the participants will operate in two dimensions in order to strengthen the connection between the academic role of the institutions (Research & Teaching) and their social role. This objective will be achieved by formulating modules that will involve social activity, and by constructing a benchmarking tool for the evaluation of higher education institutions in accordance with social perspectives. 


For more information, please see TEMPUS-ESPRIT Website.

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