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Workshops and Lectures

During each academic year, the Simone Veil Research Centre, in association with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel, organises various workshops and lectures on specific topics related to Europe and to the European Integration project.  These events are aimed at enriching our students, the rest of BGU students, and the general public, with the perspective of experienced and renowned speakers.   

Recent Events 

24th June, 2020, Alumni Panel 

Ending this academic year in the best way possible! The restrictions of the Coronavirus took its toll on many of our great events but granted us with the wonderful opportunity to converge together with our alumni working in diplomatic positions, for a panel on their interesting jobs, responsibilities and journey.  Amongst the participants, we had the pleasure of hosting Barak Ginosar, Head of the Israeli Economic & Trade Mission - Embassy of Israel, New Delhi, India,  Adva Vilchinsky, the Consul for Public Diplomacy in New York,  Noa Ginosar, Political Counsellor in the Israeli Mission to the European Union and NATO, and Tal Ben Ari, Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Poland. 

May- June, 2020, Online diplomatic panels

As part of the cooperation with Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we had numerous online talks and lectures with diplomats of the state of Israel domestically and abroad. Amongst the distinguished guests were Ambassador Irit Ben Aba, former Israeli Ambassador to Greece and the Phillippines, Amit Hoiman, Attorney General Department MFA of Israel and Ambassador Roni Leshno Yaar the Israeli Ambassador to the European Union and NATO. 

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May-June 2020, COVID-19 updates

During the month of May, Prof. Sharon Pardo and his students in the course "European Union: Identity, Citizenship and Nationalism" hosted guests from various different countries in Europe for updates about aspects and challenges in the COVID-19 era. The guests shared their personal experiences and discussed the similarities and differences between Israel and their country of residence's attempt to cope with the troubling reality. 

May, 2020 Europe Day Ambassador Panel 

As part of our annual Europe Day celebrations, we had the honor of hosting Ambassadors of 13 European countries for a panel on Zoom. The Ambassadors shared with us the different challenges and daily activities the job entails alongside the EU- Israel relations and the implications of the COVID-19 on their  personal and professional lives.  

April 22nd, 2020. Attila Somflavi Zoom talk
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January 2020, Young Researchers Conference

The Simone Veil Research Centre for Contemporary European Studies National Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Ben- Gurion University in the Negev, in collaboration with EXCELEM Centre of Excellence,  University of Piraeus and Haifa University held the annual Young Researchers Conference. The conference included insightful and diverse panels that offered interesting perspectives on different topics pertaining to European Studies and EU - Israel relations. We talked about perspectives on European Culture, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, Policy-Making, Security and Immigration. 

December 2019, Launching of the Alumni Network and The Jewish Contribution to European Integration Book

Our Alumni Network has officially been initiated in an event in Tel Aviv. The event commenced with networking between alumni and enrolled students, discussions concerning contemporary politics and news, and ended with the launching of Prof Sharon Pardo's and Dr Hila Zehavi's exciting new book addressing the Jewish contribution to European Integration. 

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December, 2019 Brexit on the Bar

A day prior to the vote in Britain regarding Brexit, we congregated, in cooperation with WIZE and Alexander 17 pub for a marvellous talk led by Prof Sharon Pardo and Dr Hila Zahavi. Through the talk, we fully understood the complex reality brought upon the EU following the Brexit and its drastic ramifications on the United Kingdom. 

November, 2019 Study Tour to South Tel Aviv

In November, our students toured South Tel Aviv neighbourhoods following the refugee crises. We started the day in Levinski park and a tour of Neve Shaanan and the Central Bus Station - the biggest bus station in the world at the time. We then continued to Kuchineta, an African woman collective where we were exposed to their inspiring story.  Later, we heard a fascinating lecture by Dr Ilan Amit on the refugees in Europe and in Israel. The day ended with a captivating visit to the EU and Germany's Embassies in Israel, where thought-provoking discussions were held.

South Tel Aviv.jpeg
March 2019, Ambassadors' Forum

At the launch of International Women's Month, we had a great opportunity to host four inspiring women that are holding leading positions as their countries' ambassadors to Israel. The ambassadors shared with us their experience in the political and foreign fields as women, in a panel discussion moderated by Adenauer Division students Almog Nave and Tal Been.


October, 2018, NATO academic course

The Adenaur Division for European Studies was pleased to hold a  condensed weeklong academic course on the topic of NATO and its relations with Israel. As part of the course, the students of the division simulated a NATO sitting regarding a military intervention in Libya’s 2011 revolution. The simulation was chaired and guided by Mrs Avivit Bar-Ilan, whereas the students represented the different countries in the treaty.

קורס נאטו.jpg

October 17th, 2018, New academic year event

On Wednesday the 17th of October, our students and staff gathered together to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year. We send our thanks to the “BENGI” pub, and to our wonderful students who participated in this exciting evening.

פתיחת שנה 3.jpg
פתיחת שנה 5.jpg

June 21st, 2018, ICFR Israeli- European Young Diplomats Forum. 

We would like to thank the Ambassador of the European Union, H.E. Emanuele Giaufret, and the Embassy team for the wonderful hospitality at the Ambassador's residence on Thursday at a public event to present the conclusions and recommendations of the international research project C3EU on the perceptions of the EU in areas of conflict.
The event was attended by diplomats, policymakers and academics from a variety of countries around the world.

Special thanks to the Israeli Council for Foreign Relations, our partners who came and took part, and to University of Canterbury, New Zealand, which coordinated the project.

ביקור בביתו של השגריר האירופי 3.jpg
ביקור בביתו של השגריר האירופי 1.jpg

June 20th, 2018, Young researchers conference. 

The Simone Veil Research Centre for Contemporary European Studies National Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Ben- Gurion University in the Negev, in collaboration with the research network C3EU held the annual conference for young researchers of European studies in Israel. The Centre chose to collaborate with the international research network under the topic of: "Israel and Europe: Relations and Mutual Perceptions.


The conferences main topics were the relations and conceptions shared by Europe and Israel and it included four fascinating panels led by insightful students.

The different panels were a fruitful platform to discuss the refugee crisis, right-wing populist groups, diplomatic issues and the history and contemporary relations between the EU and Israel.

כנס חוקרים צעירים 3.jpg

June 18th, 2018, The future of EU- Israel relations.

The historic relations between the EU and Israel include cooperation in many different fields, but also Differences of opinions on important matters. Where are these relations headed, and what is the influence of these divisions on the continuation of the relations between the two?


This event regarding the future of the EU- Israel relations was with the participation of the head of the EU delegation to Israel, H.E the Ambassador Emmanuel Joffre, Head of the Israeli delegation Ambassador Aharon Leshno- Yaar and EEAS Deputy Secretary General Jean Christophe Belliard.

June 5th, 2018, Croatian Embassy representatives 

We were pleased to host on the campus the representatives of the Croatian Embassy who met with the students of the Adenauer division for the study of European politics and society.

We want to send a special thanks to Ms. Tina Krce and Ms. Marina Sutalo.
It was a wonderful visit!

הרצאת יחסי ישראל והאיחוד האירופי.jpg

May 24th, 2018, Jerusalem visit and study tour 

On Thursday, the 24th of May, our students visited Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they discussed European relations and developments with the ministries European department.

Later on, they visited the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung & conversed with the heads of the Stiftung in Israel and Ramallah on the complex reality in the region, and the different perceptions and solutions to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Finally, our students and staff were hosted by the European Union’s offices in East Jerusalem to hear from their head of political issues on the EUs role in the conflict, its aspirations and goals.

סיור משרד החוץ 2.jpg
סיור משרד החוץ 5.jpg

May 14th, 2018, Round tables with ambassadors. 

As part of the “Europe day” events in Ben- Gurion University, CSEPS hosted European ambassadors who spoke to students about life as ambassadors in a foreign country. This event provided our students with a unique opportunity to hear and learn about interesting experiences from the world of international diplomacy.

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